We'd love to have all your settings/locations registered with us! Please see the guidance below on how to achieve this. 

  1. Register the first setting as normal at https://childcare.mysodexo.co.uk/register-carer. You may have already done this and already got your 6 digit carer ID. If you have already done this, or already have one or more settings with us, please skip to point 2. 
  2. Head to the registration site as above, and in the email box, place your email as normal, but add a "1" to the end to it to make it different. Our system can't allow more than 1 email address to feature when registering.
  3. Once registered with the incorrect email address, please contact us by pressing "Can't find what you're looking for" and let us know your original setting number in the box on the form, and ask us to remove the "1" (or whichever character you chose) from your email address.
  4. Once we've accepted the application our operations team will add this to your main login. If you have more than one setting accepted, you'll notice a new button on the home page called "Switch Contract". If you click here you'll see a list of all your settings separately.

Important information - having your settings linked does not apply changes to all settings (things like bank details or email addresses), so if any of these change, please ensure you update each setting individually.