In the first instance, please contact our Customer Care team to assist, their contact details are here.

Our frontline teams are empowered to support all customers with their concerns. Complaints will be handled initially within 3 business days of receipt.

If the complaint is not resolved within the timeframe, it will be escalated to the team leader, who will in turn escalate to the Compliance Manager if they are unable to resolve it.

Upon resolving a CCV Complaint a final resolution letter/e-mail will be sent to the complainant, explaining how the complaint has been resolved.

Sodexo is a member of the CVPA. In offering the Services, we undertake to act in accordance with the CVPA Code of Practice which is available on the CVPA website at If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of any complaint made to us as regards our compliance with the CVPA Code of Practice, please send your complaint to:

Childcare Voucher Providers Association (CVPA)
Ground Floor
4 Victoria Square
St Albans