We're here to support you and your business through any changes. Please see further information below on what you need to do to let us know when certain details change. 

  1. Log in to https://childcare.mysodexo.co.uk/login/carer
  2. Head to My Details > Settings
  3. Update any of the details that will change such as email addresses and bank details.
  4. Press "Save" to store these

If you need to update the business name and/or Ofsted (or equivalent) certificate

  1. Complete steps 1 - 4 as above if required
  2. Locate the "I can't find what I'm looking for" button at the top of the Help Centre (or click here)
  3. Pop us a message with your 6-digit carer ID in the correct box and provide the following
    1. For a change of business name - please provide us with a letter-headed pdf with the new details, alternatively, a Companies House web page printout confirming the change will suffice.
    2. For a change of Ofsted number/certificate- please provide us with the new pdf certificate as provided by Ofsted (or equivalent). If you don't have this yet, please head to the following URLs and provide a PDF print of the page after you've found your new setting, this confirms you're registered with the relevant body.
      1. England - https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/
      2. Wales - https://www.estyn.gov.wales/
      3. Scotland - https://education.gov.scot/education-scotland/inspection-reports/
      4. Northern Ireland - https://www.etini.gov.uk/publications/type/inspectionreports